Intelligent Script

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Hey all,

Looking for a realistic handwritten script similar to Mr Porter's fantastic typeface.
(as you can see all over

An intelligent typeface that changes characters within the same letter is a big +.
Hurt your brains and I will be thankful forever!

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Suomi Hand is, I guess, a standard in that genre by now. It's also very good.

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Also Olicana.

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Thanks Riccardo.

And also this.

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You've really raised the bar Nick, both technically and aesthetically (by doing your own contemporary hand, what a concept!)

But we really need to educate the consumer more.
Just this morning I saw a large ad in my national newspaper for Starbucks set in a stupid script font.
Rather obvious, the word "coffee".
This for a blue-chip international megacorp handled by an expensive agency, but with crap typography nonetheless.

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I can't tell if you're being sarcastic Nick, the bit in brackets leads me to believe you are.

It's probably not a patch on Handsome or Duffy, but I'm sure it has legs.

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Sarcasm directed at revivalists, not you.
I've been contemplating taking it to the next level with a font of my handwriting, which is what Rollerscript does.

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