Avenir everywhere

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Is it just me, or is Avenir EVERYWHERE right now?
Was there some hipster branding memo I missed this year?
I can't seem to turn my head right now without seeing it on something.

...Just wondering if others have noticed, and what's causing its renewed popularity....

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It's because it looks similar to Gotham, which blew up after Obama. People are going for the "Obama look" without the "Obama budget" and end up using Avenir.

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That's so funny you boys say that!! You totally read my mind. I used to see Gotham and smirk and go "Oh that's Avenir." And later I discovered I was wrong - it was Gotham. And when you really get down to it H+J totally ripped off Avenir with Gotham, though I do love it. They just changed some of the letters. The rest is totally Avenir. But in my opinion they should be practically sued.

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