Chandler & Price Pilot LetterPress Restoration Documentation

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Hello. Two Chandler & Price Pilot Letterpresses were recovered in Mexico. Restoration is required. I ask the community for 1) documentation about this specific model of the Chandler & PrIce Pilot letterpress, 2) advise on where to purchase pieces and even identical machines.
For the record, both machines belonged to a Mexican revolutionary exiled in the US, circa 1906.
Thank you very much.
Some images.

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I have and use one of these. They're fun presses.

Here's an invaluable resource for you about all things letterpress:

For parts, especially 'generic' parts like rollers, try NA Graphics —

Also, Excelsior Press ( knows a great deal about restoring letterpresses.

Good luck!

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We restore these presses frequently and can repair or repalce parts as required. Should you run accross any of these worthy of restoring perhaps we can help. If the press is broken perhaps we might buy it for parts. In any case check out our website or give us a call.

Tom & Terri

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