Would appreciate help with kerning

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I've been reading the forum for a while to understand kerning, got some basic tips, but still new to the whole thing. Would be very helpful if somebody could take a look at the text below and give me some advice on kerning. I thought I understand the basic rules, but I struggle to get decent result.

Thanks in advance!

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There is a bit on kerning and spacing on Briem's site as well as a treasure of other typographic knowledge.
Because even your round letters here have square sides you will need to optically determine the volume of white space contained between letters. The T, for instance can be tucked into the A a bit more while the OR combo is quite tight. The L will be problematic no matter what.

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Stephen, thanks you very much for useful links.

Nick, thanks! English is not my mother tongue, I was sure it's 'labaratory' for some reason.

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The L will be problematic no matter what.

I have grown accustomed in designing the [L] narrower. This helps in an amazing way. So does having ligatures like [L_A] and the like. :)

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