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Hey folks - I'm searching for some classic 70's - 80's style surfer & beach fonts... I've found a few but I'm in need of a bunch of different ones. I do have a few specific ones I'd like to ID if anybody has a clue the links are below...
thanks ahead of time...


each of these links is a shirt - I'm looking for the font on the shirts...



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The first one looks like Tango

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The first one is definitely Tango, not sure about the second but it should be relatively easy to find (I just don't have the time at the moment). For 60s-era surf fonts, check out House Industries' Tiki Type collection.

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Dave - I'm glad to have your confirmation on this, I wasn't sure since the sample was so small.

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Sure does have that Cooper Black flava in certain respects. Even the ampersand is extremely similar. But the numerals, the k, and the big loopy O strays pretty far. A Coop knockoff? Anyone have a specimen of Ludlow Black?

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..... i don't see the shirt. the font. the link is fine?

David Hamuel

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Here, try this on for size.

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Yeah I guess I don't NEED an exact match - but if I could find that it would be great - but yes suggestions are very helpful as well - I was just trying to determine if I was going to have to customize a font to get that "swooshing" O or if there was a font out there as rad as this...

And I'm still very open to any more ideas for California/West Coast 70s/80s surfer fonts...just to give you guys an idea of what I'm working with so far a few of the favs I've been using are:
Debussy, Opal, Answer, Rollerguide, Plush,Cookie/Cooper, Grease, Frankfurt, Hobo, and I even used Black Rose for one logo that turned out pretty sweet - I did find some others I'm planning to snag soon - LazyBones & the Tango font...so any more suggestions along these lines PLEASE hook me up!

Thanks guys...
The Danger

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One easy place to start is to go to MyFonts and do a search on 1970s.

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The small type on that shirt looks like ITC Bauhaus.

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I was bored. And I figured it was a good opportunity
to get some of these out of my system. Plus I can be
more snobby now, you know, "ITC Motter Femina
doesn't quite work in this context."

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Oh man, if I had a sitcom the titles would be set in
Octopuss Shaded, no doubt.

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one word...WOW
well how bout two words...RIGHT ON!
Thanks a ton guys & gals - but I'd LOVE to get some more! So if anybody else has any more suggestions keep em comin!!

Rock on world...rock on.
The Danger

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Search 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, and bauhaus on My Fonts. I'm sure you could find some stuff if you dug through the FontFont catalog, too. I'm not bored enough to do other people's research anymore.

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70s flavor...new from Jess at Blue Vinyl.


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The second one is somewhat related to Goudy Heavyface
and Cooper Black.

Sorry I can't be of much more help, but we haven't got
almost any affinity with surfer culture down here in Belgium.
The waves on the North Sea are quite unimpressive. ;)

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Hmmm, M is easier to ID than XS. ;)

> I've found a few but I'm in need of a bunch of different ones.

I think this might be customized Cooper. And I don't think
we need exact matches, just additional suggestions.
Don't we Dangerboy?

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Colin! Ladies and gentlemen, I think we've created a monster.

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Get some more?! Oooh, a demanding customer... ;)

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