Ye olde type references

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short of traveling to europe and sifting through old documents, where's a good place to find clear examples of very old type? My local library is not much help, so any help would be appreciated.


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Can you give us a more specific idea of what sort of 'very old type' you are wanting to see?

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Gepetto: The Typographic Book 1450-1935 by Morison and Day is probably what you're looking for, as long your interest is confined to Latin script. abebooks lists an edition for $50.

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Thanks for reference! I'll look into that, once I get some $ saved.

To be more specific, I'm looking for lettering from Italy, 6th century and earlier.

Hope that helps!

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Dude, that ain't type. There are plenty of history of writing books out there. You'll find examples of Italian 6th century hand in many of them.

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You should get away from your computer on occasion.

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Gerald - just curious, did Hrant get you to start saying "dude"?

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Haha. Advice accepted.

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