"Print" 1984 vintage logo with a cute 't'

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Hi - trying to figure out what font has such a pronounced tail on the t - almost like a sans serif clarendon.

The sample is from an ADC mailer and shows a piece that won an ADC silver in '84...

thanks for your time...

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House Gothic Extended has the sort of t you're looking for, although it's not an exact match.


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- thanks Mark - House gothic is definitely not the one tho'...

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Is that the old Print magazine logo? Might have been custom drawn.

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Brazilia is close.

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The old Phil's Photo book shows Jay Gothic with an alternate 't' that is a lot like this, but the typeface itself is more square than this sample.

You could also do some editing to Eurostile outlines and get fairly close.

I think Patricia is right -- it looks like the old Print magazine logo, and it is probably custom.

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