Mac OS Lion and Fontlab

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Since Lion is out today, I think I need to repeat that if you upgrade your OS, none of our products except Fontographer will work. This is not something I'd like to say, but it is how it goes.

Your options are:

1. Do not upgrade your OS.
2. Join FLS beta. I don't know if subscription is available at this moment, but it is worth trying.
3. Read this document and get the Lion Compatibility Pack for any of our products.

You can get much more info in this document: by Adam.

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With 3, we're not out of options :
4. Convert all your .vfb file to UFO
5. Start using Glyphs or better FontForge.

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Well, Fog works with Lion just fine, is simple, stable and fast. FLS 5.1 is fine too, but we've missed a deadline for a week or two.

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Yes, FOG works with Lion but I prefer FLS 5.1. When?

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