Font used on animated Gifs

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I'm trying to identify the typeface used by this tumblr blog:

for his animated gifs. Originally I thought it was something straightforward like a Futura or Avant Garde, but the "a" doesn't match up on either of those so I'm stumped. Any help would be appreciated.

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It depends on what fonts you have installed.

Looks like it will prefer Futura, Century Gothic and Apple Gothic, according to the HTML I'm seeing. As to the A, there are a few different types of Futura, with some having a pointed A and others having a truncated one.

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Andrew, he is asking specifically about the fonts on animated gifs, not the website's css font-stack.

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I’m sorry, I got distracted by the Futura and the gothic faces that are on the page.

The subtitle font is not Futura or Avant Garde or a geometric face. It appears to be a humanist face.

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