Opentype Mongolian on various apps

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Recently I have built Opentype Mongolian font.
Mongolian is a vertical script and practically same as Arabic in Opentype sense.
(Required features are isol, init, medi, fina, calt, rlig)
Although it works on InDesign, it doesn't on other apps like OpenOffice, which supports Arabic.
In that case, what you get is a non-connected characters even without positional replacement.
Also I'm trying to see it work on web browsers but likewise they don't recognise the features mentioned above (typical fi ligatures are functioning), which seems strange because Opentype Arabic fonts are working alright. (Am I actually testing it with those with AAT tables? I don't know.)

— Safari Loads my local font. Recognises liga, but not kern, onum, smcp, and Mongolian features (but it does for Arabic). It doesn't recognise CSS3 vertical writing mode.
— Webkit Nightly Build does vertical setting correctly. Other behaviour is quite the same as Safari.
— Chrome behaves the same as Webkit Nightly Build.
— Firefox doesn't load my font (should I write the CSS code differently?), however, it applies wider variety of Opentype features than above browsers.
— Opera sucks.

I don't think the reason is that those unfunctional apps don't support Mongolian script as InDesign works.

Can anybody tell me what could be wrong?

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Update: I could load my font with Firefox (and its Nightly Build) using @font-face. That was an easy one.

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