Logo Critique - Environmental Objectives

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Attached is a logo proposal for a publishing and communications company with environmental objectives. They are branching out to include web media services.

The idea behind logo1 and logo3 is for the leaves to show the recycling around the globe (to show digital communications). we have been unsure about if this is too much and so tried to simply add a leaf into the r on logo2

any feedback would be amazing..

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I didn't see #2 as a leaf, and the others feel too generic in their treatment of such a common symbol as a leaf. I get the recycling/leaf idea, but I would brainstorm some more concepts. Maybe something speaking to the kind of media they are involved in. Especially with the name being so vague, you might want to really focus on communicating that essence of who they are.

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Regarding #1 and #3: that's a charged symbol in a bunch of contexts, see BDSM emblem and generally Triskelion. I'm not saying avoid generally, but be aware of how much this might be reminiscent of.
To be honest in #1 I didn't see leaves, but some sort of a propeller or something. I'm not sure it needs this rotating motion; «leaf» already says «environmental», to include recycling on top of that seems redundant (and potentially mismatched imagery).
I most like the idea behind #2, although I agree it needs some work still to clearly read as a leaf.

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