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NEW YORK (AP) -- Two red-tailed hawks (Pale Male and Lola) whose temporary eviction from the ledge of a luxury apartment building sparked angry protests were seen roosting in their restored nesting area, the New York Audubon Society said.

Scaffolding that was used to install a new specially designed nest was removed Tuesday, and Pale Male and Lola were spotted sitting in the Manhattan structure at about noon, the organization said on its Web site. They were then seen taking twigs to the nest.

The hawks' original nest, which had been on a 12th-floor window ledge of the building on Fifth Avenue and 74th Street since 1993, was taken down on Dec. 7 after residents of the building complained that it was a health and safety hazard.

For a week after the birds were evicted, bird-lovers gathered outside the building, which counts actress Mary Tyler Moore and CNN anchor Paula Zahn among its residents.

The co-op board gave in to the protesters' demands on Dec. 16 and agreed to let the birds return with a nest designed for safety.

(Nice way to start your new year getting your home back, huh)

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