please help - feel script

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I used the font Feel Script (.otf) for my friend's wedding invitation but when I was drafting it in CS5, i don't know why it has sloops in every letter.

But when I checked it on MS office Word, it's as plain as the basic roman letters.

I just can't figure out if there is a software needed to which i could combine the sloops and basic roman letters, like the one's designers do.

Thank you so much..

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You have to click in the upper right corner of CS5. You get a dialogue where you see »OpenType«. You have to unclick the button »swash alternates«, »alternate figures« or else. (Don’t know exactly how this is called in english). MS Word hasn’t any access to the alternates.

If you would like to use some of the alternate figures go into the glyph palette and choose the glyph you like.

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@Renko - thank you so much...

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