Licensing fonts for iOS and Android and Fonts free for distribution

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I work for a company that makes news reading app. We were looking into the possibility of using fonts like FF Meta for articles (due to it being great even in the small screen size of iPhone) and FF Meta Condensed for headlines, mostly because these are also available as webfonts and the overall reading experience remains the same for a user throughout.

What is the cost of licensing fonts in this case? We are not providing the end user an option to create work using these fonts, just giving them articles rendered in this font.

Other examples of the use I am referring to include Flipboard using Helvetica Neue Condensed in it's app and The Daily using FF Unite, Founders Grotesk fonts in the app.

Also if there is a need to license the fonts for this purpose, please also suggest free fonts that I can use for distribution without the huge costs and preferably available as webfonts too.

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Sure you need a special license for that, because the fonts are rendered on the device. You need to talk to the makers of these fonts individually to negotiate a license.

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The Typodermic Fonts license agreement allows this type of use. The same agreement applies to both free fonts and pay fonts.

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