iPhone / Android App Licensing Prices

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I have a customer interested in licensing one of my fonts for an iPhone / Android app. I was curious if you have ever seen, or sold your customers on some licensing like this before? Do any of you have ideas on what sort of flat fees you would charge for this kinda of font embedding? I have been getting a few of these requests lately, but not really sure what sort of rate I should go with...

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I charge regular price to use a font in an app (usually $0 or $30). If the end user can use the fonts to create something it's a $150 flat rate, less if the client is licensing several fonts.

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Strange, I would have thought more people on here had licensed for these mediums before. I will search around a bit more. $150 seems kinda low to me, especially as a one time fee.

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I can add that in our case an additional embedding license needs to be purchased when a client wants to use one of our fonts as part of a product (be it in hardware or software). Typically this means that we charge a periodical fee based on the revenue of that product.

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