When in Copenhagen, check out out Playtype's brick-and-mortar type store (and send me a postcard).

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From their website (and no, I'm not an affiliate, just a fan):

Concept Store

The Playtype concept store was launched in conjunction with the revamp and redesign of Playtype.com. Located in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro, the store is the physical manifestation of the online shop – and then some. Created as a place to further our typographic practice, the store provides a street level entry to typography - it is a place to share our passion with the general public and a place where our designers can experiment with their craft outside of the studio. Aside from type, the store continuously features new editions and products created by e-Types alongside friends and colleagues in the design and art world.

Playtype is located at Værnedamsvej 6,
Copenhagen and will be open for exactly
one year — from December 1st 2010 to
December 1st 2011

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