Friendlier than Futura?

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I am currently designing a logotype for a center for children. The logo the client wants is the word "HOPE" with the letter "O" representing a small pictorial scene. I need a typeface that has a nearly-perfect circular "O," but Futura doesn't exactly scream "kid-friendly."

Does anyone have any suggestions for another typeface with an almost perfectly circular letter "O" that is a little more inviting than Futura?

EDIT: And, please, for the love that is all good and holy, do not suggest Gotham. While a lovely typeface, it's been used to death, clearly.

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One of the Museos.
Proxima Nova Soft.

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It sounds like the client wants you rip off Obama's 2008 campaign identity.

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Constructed/geometric + warm/friendly = Brandon Grotesque

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It's not hard to draw a circle. I'd focus on finding a typeface that looks good with a round circle...even if it doesn't come with one per the design.

And yea, what Aaron said.

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As cool as Futura but not that cold and stiff. Static geometric looking capitals but ‘more humanist’ lowercase. And middlecase ;-)

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Don't be a lickspittle.
Sure, it's tough to come up with a more impressive concept than a client's plagiarization, but that's why your job is creative.

Try to make some design twist to distance the knock-off from its source (although with the word "hope" that will be almost impossible).
Lower case, for instance, or something non-geometric:

(Herb Lubalin, American, 1960s)

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Novecento wide? ;) v.2 will be published soon.

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Tangent available now.

Or perhaps VF Sans available now as well.

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