Heading and Titling Advice

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I'm setting my thesis in Times Linotype Standard 12.0 pt. For the footnotes I use Linotype Times Ten as it works well at the 10pt size my footnotes are set in.

I'm looking for some ideas for Heading and Titling, bearing in mind that it's a thesis not a piece of design work.

At the moment I'm using Helvetica Neue Linotype Medium 65 for some headings, contrasted with Helevetica Neue Linotype Light 45 for others. See Attachment.

I think the Helvetica Neue goes will with the Times LT, I'm just worried about context. I think it might be too modern for a work on 17th century history.

Any suggestions for a nice contrasting heading typeface with times. As you can see my fall back is Trade Gothic No 2 with Sabon Linotype. I willing to buy.


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