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Hi, if I have say two fonts and want them generated as a postscript type 1-family, where they show up in InDesign under the same family name... which is the easiest way to generate them? In FontLab 4.5 that is. I dont want one of them as a clickable bold. Thanks

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The naming guidelines at:
should be useful. I also recommend getting Leslie Cabarga's book "Learn FontLab Fast":

I consider it an essential addition to the FontLab manual.

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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Thank you

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Adam, when trying to use these guidelines I've had no problems before.
But now when trying to generate a family (Mac PS1)which has nor regular and with some Style names that are a bit "unusual" I get problems with the suitcases. They all (the suitcases) want to be named the family name/FOND name. If I try to bundle them up togeter in one by choosing "All Possible" I get problems with duplicates especially with the Bold after checking the Bold field.

To get it right i had to open some of my old FOG generated fonts & checked how those naming convention looked in Fontlab. I then used those naming settings as a template & it worked. The font all show up as a part of a family in my font menues.

Can you confirm that this is the right way? Or did I miss something?

Attached are 2 images with the different info settings:

Fontlab settings:
Fontlab settings

FOG settings:

FOG settings

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I think you're doing the right thing. However, could you send me the fonts off-line to adam at fontlab dot com. I would like to analyze them.


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on their way :-D

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Adam, did you get the files?
Any thought's?


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