"Antique" Typeface?

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Hello All,

I'm new to Typophile but I'm already liking the content.

I came across some typefaces and I really want to use them but I can't quite identify them. Maybe you guys can help. Thanks in advance.

The Clover Farm portion in this picture is what I'm particularly interested in

I love the way the crotch(Giggity) of the letter M in gold is made with the twist!!!

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You might want to check fonts at Letter Head for these type of fonts:

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Thanks Special-K. I am actually doing that now and haven't quite found a similar type. Will keep at it

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I still haven't found a font that contorts the letter M like the image above. Does anyone know the typeface used in the second image? I checked letterheadfonts also.

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The /M in Purcell has a similar design.

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Thanks Atwe! That one is really nice.

I found another item that uses the similar style (particularly the M) that I'm looking for. I want to say it's Egyptian or a 1800s type. I'm not sure. What do you guys think?

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The book with the golden letters on its cover is from 1878 (see here), so it is certainly not digital type.

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Having a look to the Victorian tag at MF could be helpful.

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Well, you said the "M in gold", so I thought you meant the lower M. Then you showed the hat, which has an M like the upper one in your original image. Assuming, then, that you like the geometric M like on the hat, do a Web search for the font 'Ringlet' - a digital version of a Victorian era typeface.

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