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I'm thinking about matching Utopia Black as a headline with Proxima Nova Condensed as a's for a university student newspaper I'm redesigning. I wonder, are there any other alternatives to Proxima Nova Condensed that I could test out? I really love the contrast between the two but I am not 100% sold on Proxima Nova.

Appreciate the help!

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Do you need the thin cut you linked to?
You could try Agenda (scroll down to condensed styles), Nobel Condensed, Erbar Condensed (only bold styles available), Interstate or Morpeth for example.

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Kupfers - thanks - great suggestions, I totally forgot about Interstate, but sadly, no italics are available. And yes, I'm going for a Thin or Book cut for maximum contrast to Utopia. hope it's not too jarring.....?

Apologies, I'm too dumb to make this show up as an image:

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This all boils down to what it is you like about Proxima Nova. Sindre Bremnes' Telefon has a light cut in the works and a lot of similarities in structure. There's no condensed style though. Other geometric sans serifs with condensed styles: Graphik, Gotham and VF Sans.

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There are italics for Interstate, also a light condensed:
Lighter might also be too light (like in your image). What printing process?

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