ScanFont glyph naming v4 vs earlier naming

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This is a question to any earlier users of FLab's ScanFont. A fair few months ago I tried a free version of ScanFont 3 for Mac. I bought the full version of v4 a few days ago, but I am beginning to wonder if my memory is playing tricks on me.

Did earlier versions of ScanFont allow you to name a glyph quicky within ScanFont itself by selecting its seperated out cell and entering it's name into a field in a floating properties style window? Or is my memory playing tricks on me?

If it did, then can it still do so or has that feature been dropped?

Hope someone can help :-) (Why don't I just re-install the earlier ScanFont? One snapped powerbook and one failed email backup!)

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You are right. This feature has been removed in SF4.
ScanFont will automatically assign Unicode indexes and names on export and you will be able to correct them in TypeTool or FontLab later.


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Oh no! How annoying! I really really liked that feature. Hmph.

Thank you for replying so quickly, Johnych :-)

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