First Attempt - Modern Serif Typeface

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This is my first attempt at tackling a modern font. It is a somewhat restrained display font, and modeled after modern serif typefaces like Didot and Didona. I felt that I would learn more from generating a less decorative font and save the creativity for once I grasp the basics.

Before I bring them into fontlab for metrics and kerning, I need to revise the characters. Some look quite ugly, and I have not paid as much attention to counterform as I should have. I also have some other inquires regarding the font:

1). What characters seem off? From what I can see, the B, Q, S, g, q, r, &, and * need work. 2, 3, 5, and 8 are also imbalanced and need better stroke widths. Did I miss anything?

2). I did not do heavy research into other modern serif fonts and I am aware that this is my first typeface. Is this something I should see completely as an exercise?

3). Based on my research, the modern serif font is primarily a headline font. How can I optimize/redo what I have in order make it effective at its purpose?

4). What are the common pitfalls of creating a typeface that I should be aware of?

Any pointers/advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Moderntypeface1_v0.1879.53 KB
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the bar of the capital A seems too high.
the bowl of the capital P is too small.
the tail of the Q doesn't seem right.

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I elevated the bar of the A to remain consistent with the other bars, but I see now how it is too high. Agree completely with the P and the Q.

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