Is there a good book about gestalt principles for design students?

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I am looking for a book or short essay on gestalt design principles that I can assign to my introductory students. I need something dead simple that can be understood by students with no formal art or design education whose first language is often not English. That means no academic language, no history of gestalt theories, and no discussions of gestalt theories outside the context of art and design. I do not care if this is a book for preschoolers; I just need something that gets the point across without no extraneous details.

I know that there are some great online essays about this stuff. I am looking for hard copy!

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There are several two-dimensional design guides out there. The Wucius Wong book was helpful before I was formally introduced to 2D design and gestalt principles.
ISBN10: 0471289604, ISBN13: 978-0471289609 I would think you have already come across it.

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