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So I've extended my Latin alphabet for my typeface to Greek. Initially some of the characters render poorly: β, μ & θ. Don't know if that me, the screen, or the application I open the PDF with.
I guess I'm asking for as much direction as possible. I don't know any Greek so I'm banking on research that the letterforms are fundamentally correct. Clearly interpretations of what seems to be a primarily calligraphic language.
I want to expand the Greek with all proper diacritics and accents within the alphabet but want to know if the foundation is correct first.

Looks like my ánō teleía could be taken up a little bit, might sit a little low.
As for lowercase alpha, I also want to create a truer letterform of the single stroke figure eight style.
Thanks in advance.

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I think you should close the bottom of beta. The open beta as you have it is born of (and perpetuates) confusion with German eszett.

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awesome. Thanks for the advice. thats an easy fix.

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