Font blowing out in Mac

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We are having an issue with a font that I or IT cannot figure out. I should note that the images I am posting aren't the font in question but they show another font we never use that is doing the same thing. The font in question is ITC Bodoni 72 BookItalic. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The first image (screwy font.jpg) shows how it looks on the screen. The top paragraph is how it types in and looks on the screen. As you can see, it appears ragged but is styled justified. Also, it creates these awkward breaks in words such as the fourth to fifth line. You can see, at far right, a hyphen inserted for the break. This image doesn't show it, but it often inserts large, random gaps and breaks throughout the text. I put the second graph (highlighted) on here to show how the font appears to be filling space to the end of each line, but in reality doesn't. And the third graph is the actual text in another font that works. One note: when working with the font, the cursor does not land at the spot you are working. So, it appears to be about 10 characters ahead of the actual site of work, which obviously makes it difficult to edit and work with.

The second image shows how the first image prints.

We have established a workaround: A restart in safe mode (we think) rebuilds the font cache and upon normal restart the font works fine. Long-term this doesn't feel like a solution, but I am curious if others face this issue.

Thanks again!

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What app?

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Oops. Quark 6.5. I have not determined if it is doing the same on any Adobe products.

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And, I know, it's time for us to join the rest of civilization and upgrade. That may very well be the answer to it all. Lol.

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