Font Management comparisons for OS X

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I'm new to this forum and could use some help finding discussions on font management softwares for OS X. I found one Typophile discussion via Google, and then looked for more using the Search on this site, but got no results (the IE windows logo/world kept spinning). My design group of 5 people currently uses Font Agent Pro 2.1 (designing in the Adobe CS suite) but am wondering if anything else is better. (Suitcase X1? Master Juggler? Others?) Thanks for any personal experience or advice you can provide.

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Here's a link to one (fairly short) discussion.

There have been several other threads discussing this question, with partisans from each of the programs claiming superiority for their chosen application. I think the only thing we've agreed on is that Apple's Font Book isn't the answer. ;)

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A popular question. I just posted the following to another typophiler's thread in the GENERAL area:

Using google's advanced searching capabilities you can search only typophile for your questions. This topic has been discussed in several threads. I hope this helps.

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Or you can use a specific phrase and get these and these threads.

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