Fonts that work tiny. Phonebook sorta fonts.

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Hi, I'm designing an A5 booklet which has a big map legend that needs to fit on one page. What would be a narrow (i.e. condensed) font that works at 6pt or even 5pt?

I have been using Gotham headers and Mercury bodytext throughout. Gotham takes up a bit too much space and I don't like its condensed varieties at small sizes.

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Bell Centennial of course!

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Great, thanks for that. Might see if I can find something narrower than Bell Centennial as I'm still pushing beyond the margins with Bell Centennial 5pt...

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You could try to add one or more column(s), in order to save white space.

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There is also Poynter Agate and Griffith Gothic from Font Bureau.

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Phew, let's hope I've got my margins right here. Squeezed an extra column in, fiddled with the gutter, Bell Centennial 6.5pt.

thanks again, much love for this forum! :P

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