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I’m looking for an application to create a magazine/folder for iPad.
Something that handles typography in a crisp way -- no JPEG-compression/distortion.

Anyone here with experience from the digital/e-book publication world?


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Seems like you’re looking for a desktop layout program, like Indesign or Quark.

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You can do a lot with HTML and CSS and then turning it into an App via something like PhoneGap.

There are also apps for iOS that can read PDFs

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Sorry, you can't get "crisp" on the iPad.
In Safari for example even GIF images with
pure 1-bit lines get slightly scaled => blurry.

You want crisp?


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Thank you everyone!

“There are also apps for iOS that can read PDFs”

If I could work through InDesign to create a PDF then it would be great! Beside PhoneGap do you know the name of any good app that handles PDF:s?

You want crisp?

That is crisp! How long did that take you to hint Hrant? ;-)

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The newest version of InDesign can create publications for the iPad using the new .issue format. Wired Magazine and several other publications use it to create their iPad magazines.

If you want to try it, you can download a free trial version of InDesign 5.5 at Adobe's site. It's fully functional but will only work for 30 days unless you buy it.

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Does the .issue format vector support vector graphics and/or embedded fonts?

Your app/method of choice dependes on a lot of things: How big is your budget? How are you going to make money on this? Are you going to make money on this? Is the current paginated app style the best model (read some of iA's musings on that one -- swiping vs. scrolling)? Do you have a budget for font licenses (embeddable tends to be expensive)? What level of user interaction do you need? Do you want people to be able to read your magazine offline? Have you considered other platforms?

I went through a process like this a while back and found the best solution for my clients needs was a website custom tailored to the iPad's resolution, orientation modes and "touchability".

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Btw: I have experience from the e-book world as well. The .epub format is somewhat limited, but I've produced books with custom fonts including OT features like small caps, different numeral sets etc. It requires a little extra effort though.

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And while I'm at it: those PDF-mag-apps = the complete opposite of intelligent design.

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> How long did that take you to hint Hrant? ;-)

Hint, shmint - those are all bitmaps.
But yes, it took forever.


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