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Hi there,
I am doing a bookmark for a friend who heads Amnesty International at her campus. The event is to promote 'The week of Peace, Hope and Justice" I have been asked to use black and only one other color.

What I plan on doing is cutting a stencil for the Peace Hope Justice part and spray painting that part. The sans font is News Gothic Bold, and the serif font is Adobe Jenson Pro Regular. I'm working on no budget, so I have to use the fonts available on Illustrator. The gradient with the dove as well as the deleted counters is just a representation of how the words will look after spraypainted (shown a little cleaner here, obviously) The reason I plan on stencilling the letters is to represent protest, petition and democratic forms of communication. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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That will require quite a delicate stencil, I think it might actually be a better idea (if this is possible) to create 5 different stencilings, scan them, and have them printed in black. That would mean that however many you print (a few hundred I suppose)
any two people are likely to have different ones.

As for the red, I think that should be the part you actually stencil. There is alot more emphasis on it anyway.

I'm a little skeptical as to how paint will affect the pages of books - will it rub off? This is why i suggest having less paint (while having some printed variation). Also, having to do less stenciling will cut down your workload.

I really like the Idea that every one has had a human handling and producing it, rather than being printed and cut entirely by machine, but I think there are some ways you could make your job easier, more efficient and equally effective.

All the best,

- Chris

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because time is an issue here as well as distance, (across the country), my plan was to cut the stencils at a larger size, spraypaint them, then scan them back in and resize them etc.
Also, only peace, hope, justice, and the dove will be stencils, the rest will be from the computer. I would love to do all of them by hand, but unfortunately this isn't possible.

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Ah right.

I somehow got the impression you wanted to ACTUALLY spraypaint the bookmarks themselves.

I assume the title of the actual event (or whatever) is "Week of Peace, Hope and Justice". Is this correct?

What might be interesting is a design that uses the ampersand (&) as well.

Here's a tip for stenciling; if you want to include the interior spaces of the P and A, then get a gluestick or some spray glue and make the parts that mask the interior spaces slightly adhesive. This allows you to avoid having very heavy parts in the composition. You can also make the rest of the stencil adhesive to avoid having it bend and warp away from your canvas. Make sure you don't get glue on your scanner though!

Have you experimented with angling your composition? I don't know how far you want to stretch towards protest signage though... this may have a negative affect on your message.

- Chris

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