Fonts where a particular letter has this shape?

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Please tell if there are any fonts where the k/K shaped letter has this shape, preferably both lower and upper cases.

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Bree - lower case only
Sassoon - also lower case only, I think, although there are about 20 variants of that font

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I don't believe that there are fonts in existence with an upper-case K like that--it exists purely as a minuscule form.

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The upper case K in this style was quite common in German blackletter faces so what you could do is looking for typefaces which derived or were influenced by the German blackletter tradition, such as German script faces from the first half of the 20th century, Jugendstil typefaces, etc.

Fonts that feature ‘closed’ K/k’s (both UC and lc):

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Bernhard Modern.

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Not sure how uppercase version would not be too R-istic ;)

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Schneider Antiqua has a fairly upright Italic with a double story "k." Nice face, very formal!

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