Slavic/Runic/Anglo-Saxon Type

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Hi all-

It's been a while! I hope someone can shed some light on this little doozy.

This type is seen on a prop edition of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard", used in the first part of the movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

I've exhausted all the usual lines of enquiry, and found this particularly hard to classify: there are similar examples referred to variously as "Slavic", "Anglo-Saxon", "Runic", "Medieval", "Decorative", and even "Blackletter".

It may be that this is an entirely custom job, but judging from the second of the images below, the proportions and kerning appear to be lacking polish which leads me to wonder whether it might even be a freebie.

Thanks as always for your input.


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Whatever it is, it's based on the Book of Kells. I have an old project (started six years ago) that has a lot of the same letterforms gleaned from the same source, but a font of same hasn't reached the light of day yet...

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Thanks Nick, I must admit I never made the Kells connection. I look forward to seeing yours when it finally comes together.

And thanks Joerg; I must have skipped right past Kells Square. It looks to be the one, with some stroke enhancement and minor customisations. Great work!

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which font is this can you please tell

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start a new thread, please.

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help me

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