How to do ligatures in Greek in features list

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I'm making a font that has both the Latin characters and Greek characters (including Greek extended). The rho has a tail, so I need to make a ligature for a rho following a zeta, xi, and chi. Making the glyphs is not the problem.

No matter how I put these ligatures in the *liga* feature in FontLab, it won't compile. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong -- can anyone tell me the proper form?

Oh yes, what is the proper name for a swash small-cap R? R.scswash?



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Post the text of your liga feature so we can see what you did.


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Actually, what I did was to forget the bloody semicolon at the end of the line. I put it in, & it now compiles (haven

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You don't need the slashes in this context:

sub uni03B6 uni03C1 by zeta_rho;

You only need the slashes when entering glyph names in preview text boxes, and then they should be / not \.

The backslash is only used for actual Unicode values, e.g. \03B6, again in preview text boxes.

Try dropping the slashes from your feature code and see if it compiles.

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