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This is a logo I'm working on for a speaker / preacher. He tours quite a bit, speaking at different churches. The idea of the name 'Front & Center' comes from the verse Colossians 1:18 where it speaks of giving Christ preeminence.

Some verbs that the client came up with to characterize the ministry are: teaching; refreshing; liberating; gracious; clear; thought provoking; insightful; practical; reforming; inclusive

I would appreciate crits.

[Please note, this isn't 5 different options, they are 5 different applications of the same design. Please give feedback on the overall design, not which one you like best. Thanks ! ]

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Just an update, I've made some refinements:

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I'm getting a strong vibe that this brief has great potential; and frankly this stuff isn't it. If you manage to wrap your brain around this thing and go deep, you'll end up with something you can flaunt in your portfolio for many years.


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Why not use 1 application for the design for the sake of consistency and recognition?

You could search a fitting object who resambles those values.
You could simplify the diamond.

Gr, JB

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The symbol seems pretty abstract. Also I don't care for the dinky little ampersand; it makes a weak central element and will disappear if the logo is reproduced small.

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