A bit of an 'out there' question...

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Strap in, this one is a little 'left field'...

Whilst turning over an (unfortunately) empty bottle of Smirnoff Vodka (UK duty paid) and admiring the relatively recently redesign, did I really count 25 different typefaces?

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This is not "left field" question for this forum. You should have just titled the post "25 typefaces on a bottle". As soon as I get a chance to look at a Smirnoff bottle, I will offer a comment. Is it the same label in the US?

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Hmmm, maybe the number of typeface one sees is
inversely proportional to what's left in the bottle...


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As long as we're "out there" . . .

Typography and booze remind me of this thread, and of the following anecdote I posted therein:

Matthew Carter tells the story of a time he was flying from the UK to the US and stopped in the duty free shop at Heathrow. He spied a bottle of Scotch whose label was printed using one of his types, so he bought it. As he exited the shop, a woman holding a clipboard asked him to take a market-research survey. When she asked him why he chose that particular brand of Scotch, he answered, "Because I designed the type on the label," and watched as the researcher puzzled over her questionnaire for a check box that corresponded to that answer.

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