Dutch type designers

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Hi All

I was wondering who you would pick as your all time top ten Dutch type designers?

I am looking to get some books about Dutch type, and I thought a top ten would give me some names to search abe books with...



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There is that Dutch Type book that will most likely satisfy your needs.

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In no particular order:

The Elzevirs
Hendrik van den Keere
Christoffel van Dijck
Jan van Krimpen
Gerard Unger
Fred Smeijers
Chris Brand
Evert Bloemsma
Martin Majoor
Peter Matthias Noodzij

I have excluded non-Dutch designers working in the Netherlands (Fleischmann, Kis, etc.). Remember that I am a book typographer, so my list tends toward more "conservative" design (e.g., not LettError stuff, which is good, I just can't use it much for my work).

The Dutch Type book is a good resource, as is Luc's page on the Dutch font scene.

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Isaac / Steve

Yeh I have Dutch type already, it is a great book.


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Great question. No matter what the universalists might say, to me ethnicity is a huge contextual factor. Which doesn't mean the question of who is Dutch [enough] is a simple one! For me Fleischman is more Dutch then RvL for example - although in the end I would include both. But not Kis - his whole point was to go back home after learning punchcutting in Holland.

But I can't come up with ten. Not because there aren't enough good Dutch type designers*, but because beyond the small top tier there are in fact too many to mention - which would make it unfair (and a lot more work!) to cut off at 10.

* Although my particular way of seeing Design (as opposed to Art posing as Design) does in fact exclude many people others might put at the top of their list.

Anyway, my top tier is something like this:

Christoffel van Dijck
Johann Michael Fleischman
Evert Bloemsma
Gerard Unger
Wim Crouwel
Petr van Blokland
Luc[as] de Groot
Thomas Milo
Bram de Does

Well will you look at that - in the end I got exactly 10 after all! :-)


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I'm pretty sure Tom Milo would not consider himself a type designer. If you want to acknowledge the design quality of his Arabic fonts, then you need to mention his wife, Miriam, who is indeed a very talented type designer.

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I got Dutch Type for Christmas. It's the best type book I've seen in a long time. I highly recommend it. I won't get to start reading it until I finish Kinross' new edition of Modern Typography, which I also got. As well as some strange new machine from Holland that blows bubbles in my coffee.

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Tom might not, but I do. :-)
It's a matter of definitions I guess, sort of like deciding who's Dutch enough.

On the other hand, I did manage to forget the important role of
his wife, so my entry should read Tom & Miriam Milo instead.


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