Existence Light

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Hello typophiles,

this is my first font created. You are encouraged to improve anything, and since this is an OTF, you can send me bettered (or created) glyphs to include.


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First post and first face. Welcome!

I'm afraid the page doesn't exist. Also if you link to a zip it would be usefgul to know what kind of file we can expect upon unzipping.

Can you post a gif in your message perhaps? Attach a PDF maybe?


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It downloaded fine for me. It is an OTF.
It might be better to upload PDFs instead of giving away your font Yeah.

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Yeah, Thanks for the hint Chris. Got it now (different firewall at home vs. work...)


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Thank you for quick reactions.

Netscape's Mywebpage section sometimes has difficulties, please try again later, it should work. There's a web page too at the same location.


I'm planning to give away this font, just like my Type 1 font editor application, Noah(TM). I'd like to make a Type 1 version as well, but the number of kernpairs must be slightly reduced first.

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The links aren't working for me, but anyway I -as well as many others I suspect- would like to avoid the hassle of unzipping, installing, etc. So if you could put up a PDF, or even just a [large] bitmap rendering that would be great.


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Your wish is my command. Here's a sample: <snipped>

Due to bugs in post editor I'll include it in the next article.

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the S is a bit top heavy, the B is too shy/narrow. the E too wide. i think generally the optical height isn't well adjusted yet. look at the word DESCENDER - the E letters appear to be heavier than the others.
i like the lowercase better than the capitals. s is also a bit top heavy and leaning backwards.

is "yeah" your real name?
and welcome to typophile.

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Here it is again:

application/pdfPDF format
ExistenceLight.pdf (35.0 k)

Titus: Thank you. No, this is an alias. "Yeah" isn't a common name in Hungary, you know. :-)

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didn't know you where from hungary ... :-)

on the pdf you can see it very clearly, that your S isn't high enough. it has to go below the baseline and above the x-height to appear optically correct.

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Please note that what you see in PDF is actually the embedded font rendered by your OS font subsystem, subject to hinting. Zooming in will reveal those overshoots (which I had to decrease because S seemed too large compared to E).

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