Strange OpenType Fontlab problem

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I was trying to compile the different weights of my typeface and I ran into a strange error. The Regular weight compiled without issue (as did the Regular Italic). However, the Semibold and the Bold ran into "[FATAL] Stack underflow".

What is strange is that all of the class information and Opentype feature information is exactly the same across all of the weights.

Why would it compile fine in the regular weight but not in the Bold or Semibold?

Thank you very much for your help!

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I'm going to bump this again as my problem has evolved.

Now, when I try to compile my font as an OTF, at 91% of the way through the process, Fontlab crashes. Any ideas as to why?

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I've had that happen, resulting from a corrupted glyph path.
To fix it is painstaking, you have to progressively delete glyphs, compiling each time, to find the bad glyph at which point the process is crashing.
Then, replace that glyph with fresh paths.

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Thank you for the reply (as much as it was the response I was dreading)...

I suppose I know what I'll be doing for the next few days.

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Wow, that was much easier than I had expected. I'm sure I'll never get that on the first try ever again.

Now I'm back to the stack underflow problem.

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