Tips on publishing digital type?

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Currently I am working on a digital typeface based on my nephew's remarkably dextrous handwriting. While I am studying FontLab, I would also like to find out how to approach digital font publishing, distribution, as well as the steps for the acquisition of a trademark for the typeface name.

I would certainly appreciate your suggestions and references.

Thank you!

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Unless it's exceptional enough for font houses to be fighting each other for it,
you're better off publishing it yourself - and probably selling it via MyFonts.


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MyFonts is great. Fontspring is also great and pays a much bigger royalty, but doesn't have the audience of casual font-browsing-shoppers.

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Thank you for the recommendations of MyFonts and Fontspring.

What about the copyright and/or trademark for a name? Get a lawyer? Costs? The most effective ways to search to make sure a name is not already being used?

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See also:

Could you show us an example of the font?

The sad reality is, there are already lots and lots of fonts out there. Unless you've got something really outstanding, your chances for commercial success are slim. So what are your goals in publishing your font? There may be other motives than to make money from it, influencing your decisions.

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Thank you riccard0 and Jens for connecting me to the very helpful threads on copyright and trademark.

Yes, there are already lots and lots of fonts out there. No drawings to share yet. Check out the MyFonts interview with Gerard Unger:

"... I see too much repetition right now. Many of the “new” sans serifs, for instance, are trying to fill ever smaller gaps between existing sans serifs. If type designers would concentrate more on originality, not only personal originality, but trying to find answers to original design challenges..."

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