Elementar released by Typotheque

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Hello Typophile,

I trust that, by now, many of you have already seen or read about the release of Elementar by Typotheque:


I have been working on Elementar for a long time, and Typophile was an important source of information for me in the beginning of the project.

So, to announce the release, thank Typophile & close the cycle, here is a transcript of a “live critique” chat session from around October/November 2002:


I am more excited than ever about this project and its future developments, and very curious to see what people will build with it.

The work continues...

Greetings from Amsterdam,

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Great stuff man!

BTW, you're doing Armenian too?! Very cool. Let me know if
you need help. For one thing the տ-height should be smaller.


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