New Book, "Type Image" by Barbara Brownie released

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Perhaps I have an unfair bias since two of the works published in the book are mine so I will try to be fair.
The images collected are a joy to look at but I wish there would have been more connection to the text in the book. Some visuals have plenty of description while others (the ones that appealed to me most) get none. There is no apparent reason why these choices were made. Adding brief captions would have helped the reader understand why the author included that particular image.
For a book on typography, I found the layout and typography less than stellar. I would have expected great typography and design. The H&J settings are spotty and the column spacing is claustrophobic. The unneeded meandering between 3 column and two column layout is just bewildering. With such a high density of visuals to text, the layout has not found a way to make it all work together. I find myself wishing for more text and I am a visual guy!
All-in-all, I like the book for what it contains and give kudos to the author for her amazing effort in collecting so many differing pieces. I just wish that the presentation matched the ingredients.

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Also, see page 30 for Seattle Typecon "City of Type" poster.
There is also a couple of things on pp 104-105 that you may have seen before ;-)

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Congrats, you look great in print ;-)

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Thanks, Riccardo!

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