Using small caps + sentence case / typographic texture

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Hey everyone,
I'm curious whether or not I am using small caps correctly in this example (set with Meta). I attempted to follow the instructions on pg 46 of Elements of Typographic style. I am also curious of the leading and tracking settings of the example (the tracking setting is 0, and yet it feels quite loose). The type texture doesn't feel correct to me. Any insights from you guys is much appreciated. Thanks,

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I would give "recipient of services" wider letterspacing. Other than that, the address looks good. If "Gourmet Garage" is the recipient of services, I suppose you could omit the top line and set their name in small caps instead. But I may be misunderstanding.

I don't quite understand what is going on at the top. "INVOICE" is huge.

Overall, the texture of the address looks fine.

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