Danish letters and Flash

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This is my problem:

I've delivered to typefaces to the customer, who is using it in a Flash computer game. The problem is that when rendering the dynamic text in Flash, words containing the letters Æ, Ø, Å, æ, ø, å only renders these letters and the rest of the word is missing.
The weird part is that it only happens with one of the two typefaces - they say it must be something with the typeface, but I've got no idea of to what could be the cause for this... Anyone?

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It might be A: The fonts are missing the said letters. B: Dynamic text areas in Flash relies on embedding the font (unless it’s available on the end user’s computer), which by default is just a subset of the font file to save space. Check "character embedding" on the "properties" panel (with said text area selected).

Edit: Oopps, misread your post, but the embedding part might still apply.

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I suspect it to be something with the customers embedding as well, it's just weird that the word "Åland" renders just "Å" or "Sydøerne" just "ø"...

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