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Just started on ID for local company (South) which sells wall partitions, enclosures, cubes, etc to the hospital, school, office building market. Co. presents to architects/designers as well as small renovators. Has several service trucks - white.

Attached is first cut at logo for 'creative wall solutions', planning to use (garamond?) for smaller 'wall solutions' below when needed.

Type for name, address, card, etc. could be simple sans like Syntax or similar.

All suggestions, crit or guidance appreciated.
Thank you.

application/pdf'Creative' logo
upload.pdf (21.4 k)

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I see how you try to visualize the concept of creativity in the letterforms. So as a starting point it is okay, I guess.
However - due to the quirky lowercase 'r', the whitespace between the capital C en the r is bothersome. The C seems to stand apart this way. This might be solved using a serif in the r after all.
Furthermore, the spacing of e and a is bad. I can see how you want to emphasize the accent grave on the a, but it needs to be set much closer to the e.

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John, I totally agree with Bart. Since its a logo try making the c in Creative lowercase that would help with the space created by the c's counter.

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The face is Agendia from Ralf Herrman, except the C, which started from a Manfred Klein effort. Needs to move in?

I had deliberately syllabified (if that's a word) partially to accent second sound and stress the long a. The e and a were deliberately separated. Too much english major influence, maybe?

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If you're going to separate the 'e' and 'a', then you need to really separate them. It looks too much like and accident/poor typography. Perhaps a full word space or a black hyphen.

Also, the 'r' and 'i' bother me. The dot on the 'i' feels too close by just a hair (may be the effect of the color difference) and the 'r' looks incomplete, or a little worm-ish to me. Bart and Dan's suggestion of a lowercase 'c' sounds good to me, and my diminish this effect.

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In defense of Ralf Herrman, I had used the dotless 'i' and constucted my own. His dot is much (I thought too much) higher.

Alternative font suggestions? I looked at about 6,000. Mainly because I couldn't figure out the proper descriptor for Agendia. Modern? Techno?
Looks like a quieter 'Blue Island' to me.


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It pains me to say it, but have you looked at Rotis? I don't like it for typesetting, but it might work for you here (it's similar), particularly since you can pick from variations of serif, semi-serif, semi-sans, sans. That's if you want it to feel similar to the version you have.

Have you explored any versions that are not solely typographic? The cubical/wall dividers thing could lend itself to some interesing visuals.

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I've incorporated some of the forum suggestions, and would really appreciate your responses to this revision.

For the time being, I am on a solely typographic tack, simply because I have drawn a blank on art. I've collected some fasteners and connectors from the client, and will use visuals in the other marketing materials.

This is, indeed, a learning experience for me. All commentary gratefully received.

application/pdfnew draft
clogo.pdf (20.7 k)

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John you still have the e a spacing problem. That combination has to get more balanced. I still think a lowercase c on creative would help the color of the word.

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I agree with Daniel.

The hook on the 'r' still feels off to me. It's a bit too heavy for my taste. Perhaps a bit more stroke variation at the thin point.

Could the 'C' curve around the 'r', nestling it a bit (on a dropped baseline)? Like a set of dividing walls, maybe?

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