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I have a basic question regarding weights...

I recently purshased a typeface from an independant designer, I created a "custom" version of it, minor changes. And I also created an alternate version where all the dots are round instead of square... So I have 3 versions.. Original + Custom + Alt.

The original came as a Win Truetype/Opentype TT file.

How do I make the original .ttf file contain my 2 new versions, in order to have 1 menu with multiple weights, in InDesign for example...

I looked through the manual but I'm not very familiar with the terminology yet, so I can't really find anything...


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The fonts won't actually be in one file, but rather three. The application will know to group them together based on all the names encoded into the font (which can be set under "Font Info" in FontLab). How do you know how to set up the names? You read this:

It looks complicated, because it is. But following that step by step should get the results you want.

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The first step is to confirm that your license allows you to modify the font.

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If I am not mistaken all 3 versions can be combined into 1 OTF, using Stylistic Sets.

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Stephen, if it's for internal use I say nevermind.


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