High riding hyphens

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Typesetting a book in Quark 7, not my usual software. Typeface is Hoefler. I've noticed that the automatic hyphens are riding too high in the text, brushing up against the characters, especially "r". I checked against the HFJ website, and it's not a font quirk, it's something that Quark is doing. I can't find a method to edit this so they display correctly. Anyone experience this and know how to fix?

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I tested it in Indesign and I did the same. Seems to come from the typeface himself. Seems the hyphen has been set for the caps letters. Maybe send a question to HFJ. Sorry no other solution for now.

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Thanks! It's very odd, because I did a "test drive" with this font on the foundry's website, and they show it displaying more toward the middle of the x-height. But it's also weird that InDesign does the same thing (I always like to blame quark for these things...). Dashes are doing the same thing, as well. I've written tech support and will let you know what I find out (if anything).

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This has nothing to do with Quark. This is a problem with the Hoefler Text fonts included in OS X. There are two hyphen and dash vertical positions: standard and uppercase. The positions are swapped in these fonts. The Baskerville and maybe a few other OS X fonts have the same issue. I planned to file a bug with Apple but haven't yet.

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After a quick check I found at least 4 other fonts that have the same issue with one or more dashes. This includes Courier New! I wonder how long these bugs have been around and how many OS X users have been working with the fonts oblivious to the problems. I first noticed the Hoefler Text issue at least 3 years ago.

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$20 says Apple won't fix the problem by... 2014.


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