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I will be attending TypeCon2011 next month in New Orleans. This will be the first time I've attended the conference and I'm curious how many here will also be attending. If anyone has some interesting bits of info, I'd appreciate them.

The web site for TypeCon is not really clear. For example. I have attended the International Calligraphy Conferences in the past, and the cost of the conference, while much higher than TypeCon, includes housing and meals.

SInce I had to register with the Hotel separately from the conference, I assume meals are not included in the event either. I'm not planning to attend any classes (which have extra fees), so I wonder what my fee IS covering. Please understand, I'm not complaining, just curious as to what to expect.


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No meals (although coffee, muffins and stuff are de rigueur). There are simply too many awesome choices in N'awlins. :-) So the fee is "only" covering admission to great content. And the opportunity to mingle with people who are both knowledgeable and nice. I guess some conferences include the hotel so you don't stay anywhere else (since that makes the hotel charge the organization less for using the conference rooms). I'm all for immersion* but it's not for everybody - and most towns have enough to see that some people will drift in and out, making a vacation out if it.

* The first TypeCon comes to mind. Once in a lifetime.

I'll be there. Along with anybody with cojones:


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I suppose the difference between the International Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Conference and TypeCon may be that the ICLAC is usually held at a college campus and the accommodations are less frills. Classes (workshops) are held in actual classrooms and meals are provided in the campus cafeterias.

As I said, since I've never been to a TypeCon, I am wondering what to expect. And I'm really looking forward to it.

Perhaps I will see you there, hrant....

Anyone else going?

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Hrant: No meals (although coffee, muffins and stuff are de rigueur).

That's not quite accurate. Unless things are significantly different from previous years, the various evening receptions will involve at least nibbles, and the Saturday night party is catered (usually with massive amounts of food). Lunches are not provided, and most evenings you'll want a meal in addition to whatever nibbles are provided at events.

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Hi Rob. I hope your first TypeCon will be an enjoyable one.

This year will be slightly different from past years as our location is much more convenient to food options as we are right on Bourbon Street. There will still be coffee and pastries and such at breaks and other nibbles at different events, but the real food is out there in wild. Overall, it will be a much better culinary experience.

There will also be a printed restaurant guide at registration provided by the local committee. These locations will be posted on TypeCon.com soon as well.

See you all soon!

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