Wide-ass Macrons

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In some fonts, especially fonts from over a decade ago, the macron diacritical glyph is really, really wide, sometimes almost twice the length of a tilde. Often the stroke seems too thin compared to the rest of the accents.

Georgia is an example where the regular macron looks like a normal macron and the combining macron is long & thin.

What's the deal with skinny, wide macrons?

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Maybe they just recycled an overline:

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What Unicode value are you looking at as the combining macron?

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It's off topic, I know, but Wide-Ass Macrons would be a great name for a band.

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@John 0304

My mistake: Georgia has a regular macron. I think I figured out the problem. Lots of early 90's fonts didn't contain macronized letters so there may have been less likely to require a properly designed macron. That might be why there's sometimes an overscore in the macron (02C9) position.

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I suspect you'll also find that a lot of those overscore glyphs are identical across fonts: the character was treated as a generic line.

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I get the photo joke
Well played mon ami

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