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I help my friend-typedesigner to build large family of typefaces in FontLab. Each OpenType font contains about 700 characters incl. all accented letters, small caps and ornaments. He has more than 3000 kerning pairs in one font. Is there any possibility to convert these pairs into classes? I would also like to kern ASCII characters only and let the algorithm create kerning for accented letters automaticly (from TA get T

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Greetings Filip,

I sell a tool that does this. It is designed for existing Type 1 fonts being expanded in an OpenType conversion. It takes a class list (in the common FDK format used by FontLab) and an AFM file and generates a clean, well-ordered KERN feature with all redundant pairs absorbed into classes. You can contact me offline if you are interested in licensing the software or simply having me do the conversion.

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