ATypI and SoTA members get 15 percent discount on conference fees

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ATypI and SoTA (TypeCon) will be offering each others members a 15% discount on conference fees*.

Both organizations are very pleased to offer this new benefit their members.

Members will receive an email telling them how to take advantage of this offer soon.

If you are not a member of ATypI or SoTA you may want to join or re-join now to take advantage of this new benefit.

ATypI and SoTA hope that this discount will further promote relationships, dialog and education about type and typography.

*Note: The 15% discount applies to conference registration, but not to individual classes, hotels or airfare etc.

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And the TDC members get nothing?

The TDC does send its show to both conferences.

**** lame.

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Eben, good stuff!


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James, I'm sure Eben -- who is looking after member benefits for ATypI -- would be happy to discuss a reciprocal arrangement with the TDC. I don't think it's lame to have begun by seeking an agreement with an organisation whose event is most similar in terms of structure, frequency, etc..

The TDC organises many more events than either ATypI or SOTA, and also has a regular publishing programme, so I can imagine that finding a mutually fair reciprocity might involve more careful examination that would have been necessary for ATypI and SOTA, who basically have the same sort of thing to offer each other's members.

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John is correct. Figuring out what might make sense with the TDC is genuinely complicated. And making these things happen takes a long time. I am not complaining here - just explaining the reality of the pace at which things can move.

Making an arrangement with SoTA was a kind of low hanging fruit to reach for in the sense that both boards seemed interested in finding a way to do it, and as John points out the purposes of the ORGs and even the events are similar. So I went for the easiest thing first. Also, I am new to this stuff and still learning about it so simple was better to start with.

I am quite keen to find agreements with all kinds of org groups and business (including the TDC) provided the arrangement is mutually beneficial and satisfying to both groups. I am not the arbiter of this question, and I won't and can't be. I am in a sense just doing a bit of matchmaking.

I do think more of these arrangements can and should be created and with luck I will be able to announce more in the future.

In fact if anyone has a suggestion of a benefit they would like to have (or offer) vis a vis ATypI free to let me know privately or here on this thread as you prefer. This isn't just for organizations but also applies to schools and business'.

Similarly if you would like to see an arrangement made or can help me to generate one - be in touch!

And finally, if I have my facts straight, the TDC doesn't send its show for free. Sending the show to ATypI is a service ATypI pays TDC to do. As a result, the sending of the show doesn't make sense as a reason for ATypI to offer TDC members benefits. They are separate issues.

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Just to clarify, ATypI and TDC both have major costs in putting on the TDC display at ATypI. ATypI pays for the mounting of the show, and for the space for the show, and gives free admission to two people to the whole ATypI conference. TDC pays for shipping the stuff to the conference location, and travel costs for the two people who put it all together. The ATypI part typically amounts to $4000+ in direct expenses, plus about $2000 worth of free conference admission (~ $500 of that being hard costs). I expect the TDC's costs are similar, though I haven't asked.

I think all parties benefit from it as well. The ATypI conference attendees get to see a fabulous showing of typography and type design. The TDC is promoted to the ATypI conference attendees, and these sorts of showings of the honorees help justify the submission fees for the contests (which in turn presumably fund the TDC's costs in doing the showing).

So, nobody is getting something for nothing, and everybody benefits.

I don't think I am speaking too far out of turn to say that even prior to this thread, we began talking with the good folks at the TDC. We're still wrestling with the rather different kinds of events involved, so it is TBD whether we will come up with a mutually agreeable solution.


(ATypI treasurer)

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Love the transparency, Thomas - bravo.


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That's very kind. I am so pleased to by the compliment that I am shaving my beard to match the style I last saw you having.

In other news, ATypI and TDC have come to an agreement on reciprocal discounts. Details will be announced in a few days, as soon as we have the infrastructure in place to actually handle it.



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